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Design engineers from China's leading University's & foreign contract engineers work together to design & manufacture western foodservice equipment which is suitable for all markets. United encourages staff to speak out, take risks & challenge conventional wisdom in the attainment of superior products.

The company's latest generation fully automated metal fabricating line is coupled with a highly skilled workforce to manufacture a broad range of foodservice equipment. The flexibility of the production technique also allows the client to have equipment tailor made to their specification. United Foodservice uses global testing agency's for all approvals testing, such as CE, NSF, UL, ETL, etc.
United Foodservice Equipment manufactures global quality foodservice equipment from its factories located in China. United has been manufacturing foodservice equipment since 2001 and is 100% owned by United Foodservice Group (an Australian invested company). Australian expatriate staff oversee daily operations at the factories ensuring products are manufactured with a high level of quality.
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